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Managing change is one of the most difficult and stressful tasks an organisation can face. Recent economic situtation has forced many organisation to change their approach and shift toward more efficient means of doing business. Organisations which adapt to this change quickly and effectively are those who are successful.


This workshop will address the nature of change and give delegates practical steps to design, deliver and evaluate a successful change programme, both at an organisational and individual level.


Areas Covered


•  Implementing organisational development change strategy

•  Identifying key challenges to achieve success in change management

•  Overcoming individual key change challenges

•  Dealing with resistance, managing uncertainties and motivating employees during change

•  Establishing leadership and succession planning to effectively lead change process



Learning Objectives


•  Understand company's attitudes to change and uncertainty

•  Understand and analyse how organisation personally react to change

 •  Identify personal tactics that will enable organisation to be more change-ready

•  Increase organisation's personal resilience during a wide variety of change scenario





Participants will develop holistic understanding of the factors affecting organisational development and change such as organisational culture, vision, and values.

An effective change management training will make it possible for an organisation to implement change in a strategic and efficient way as well as deal with challenges that come with the change successfully.



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