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Communication Skills

Through discussion and participation, the course aims to increase delegates understanding of what stress is and what causes stress in self and others; to understand the relationship between change and stress; to consider strategies to prevent and manage stress in ourselves and others. This course is ideal for those who have responsibility for the supervision and performance of others and would be interested in looking at how to tackle stress in ourselves and others.


Areas Covered


•  Typical communications associated with your role

•  What communication skills and strategies do you regularly use?

•  What situations cause you difficulties?

•  What is Effective Communication?

•  Key elements & components

•  Behaviours & skills – questioning, listening, body language

•  Relationship-building skills

•  Establishing rapport

•  Diagnosing an interpersonal situation

•  Building & maintaining relationships both with internal and external contacts

•  Why do people communicate the way they do?

•  Diagnosing others’ styles and needs

•  Effective/Ineffective Communication Styles

•  Assertive skills and behaviours and their impact

•  Non-assertive skills and behaviours and their impact


Learning Objectives


•  To discover key components of successful communications

•  Building and maintaining internal and external relationships

•  Knowledge of the motives behind peoples’ communication behaviours

•  Assertive and non-assertive communication styles




•  Completion of this course will help your staff to avoid conflict situations. This course is helpful in all areas of day-to-day work.



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