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This is a highly interactive workshop which is designed to help participants learn practical skills on how to prepare and perform at an interview giving a better chance of success and landing that next job. During the course the participants will learn how to make a good first impression, answer typical interview questions and handle trickier questions, and make a positive impact through non-verbal communication.


Course Content


 •  Applications, CVs and Cover Letters

 •  Planning and preparation

 •  Arriving at the interview

 •  Building rapport with the interviewer

 •  Handling tricky situations

 •  Managing interview presentations

 •  Closing the interview

 •  Handling the job offer


Learning Outcomes


By the end of the programme participants will:

  •  Be able to prepare appropriately and be ready for the difficult questions

  •  Learn how to take control of their nerves and convey a confident manner

  •  Use the power of body language to build rapport with the interviewer

  •  Learn how to use the power of their voice to be more influential

  •  Communicate more effectively and present ideas for maximum effect



For more information please contact us on or 0161 776 4383

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