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Job Matching


This Nationally Accredited 2-days course is designed to develop the skills required to perform Job Matching to meet the Agenda for Change programme criteria. During the course, delegates will develop and practice skills required to match job descriptions against national profiles.


The aims of this Programme are to:


  • Know how to carry out job matching

  • Know how bias can occur in job matching and evaluation

  • Know how to complete the appropriate documentation


On completion of the course delegates will be able to work as part of a panel to assign the appropriate banding to jobs through the Job Matching process. All delegates will receive a certificate accrediting their attendance on the course.


In line with good practice, training would be undertaken by two trainers, one management and one staff side.


The training would be focused on job matching and include:


  • The underpinning principles of equality and equal pay in job evaluation

  • The matching procedure

  • Documentation required for a panel

  • Awareness of the importance of avoiding bias during job matching

  • The process of job matching against national profiles using the relevant  organisation's internal system

  • Experience matching “real” jobs using the process


The course is available in-house or as a public programme.


Contact us for further information.

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Course: Job Matching

Dates: 4th, 5th September 2019


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Venue: Carrington Business Park, Manchester, M31 4DD

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