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Effective mentoring is one of the important tools which can, provided that it is skilfully implemented, make a real lasting difference both at the individual and the organisational level, improving overall performance of any company. This workshop is based on Michael A Potter’s highly successful book “Mentoring in the Fast Lane”. It is designed to provide the audience with an up to date take on effective mentoring. You will find out what mentoring needs in order to be successful and discover how to put these ideas into practice.


Areas Covered

  • Difference between mentoring and coaching and how do we choose?

  • Learning Style - KOLB Learning Cycle

  • The Challenges and Benefits of Mentoring

  • Formal and Informal Characteristics

  • Mentoring in Practice

  • Mentoring Process

  • Defining Coaching -Do’s and Don’ts

  • Coaching Skills - Coaching Model

  • Coaching in Teams

  • Motivation and Team Building

  • Coaching and Facilitating Projects

  • Six Coloured Hats


Learning Objectives

  • Clarification of mentoring

  • Development of roles

  • Identification of qualities, attributes etc…

  • Exploration of Learning skills

  • Implementation of mentored programmes


Target Audience

  • Senior managers

  • Managers who need the space to develop or improve new or existing skills

  • Staff wanting to improve their skills and abilities

  • Mentors and coaches themselves


For more information please contact us on or 0161 776 4383

Mentoring and Coaching