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The programme will provide delegates with the knowledge, skills and awareness with regard to working in a team. It will include participative development activities, which will enable the delegates to demonstrate improvements. This highly practical programme provides delegates with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills within a progressive learning environment. Methods will include group discussion, practical exercises, syndicate work, video and formal input designed to reflect situations relevant to the delegates.


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Equality and Diversity


Equality and Diversity Training can cover many different areas and can target all levels of an organisation. All our equality and diversity courses are tailor made to your organisation to ensure you get the knowledge, skills help and support you need.  

Our courses cover Inclusion and Equal Opportunities, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying, Avoiding Discrimination and Creating Safe Environments.


For more information please contact us on or 0161 776 4383



Time Management


This course is designed for all levels of staff who wish to improve their own and their teams’ organisational, planning and time management skills, increase their awareness of how they and their team members work. The course involves group participation in the form of practical time management exercises, discussions, role-plays and evaluations. Group activities and assignments will be set and evaluated.



For more information please contact us on or 0161 776 4383

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