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Assessment and Development Centres

Training for Assessors


Alongside our Assessment and Development Centre package, we are pleased to offer a unique training course, designed to assist the assessor in understanding the programme. This course offers the opportunity to understand the concept of Assessment and Development Centres, before addressing the principles and benefits of their use. More crucially, this training course analyses the job analysis and role competencies specific to the vacancy and covers the reasoning behind the use of each test, using a competency matrix.


The delegates will understand the tests used, materials provided and the timetable produced. In addition, they will have the opportunity to ‘walk in the candidates’ shoes’ and practice a range of the tests. Finally, the delegate shall be advised how to make the most use of the ‘wash-up’ session and how to best to select the most suitable candidate for the role.

Learning Objectives

  • To explain the key principles of Assessment & Development Centres

  • To help assessors understand the AC methodology

  • To provide assessors an experience of AC participation

  • To describe the components of a typical competency and recognise appropriate positive and negative behavioural indicator

  • To train assessors in the process of identifying job competencies & evolve relevant competencies for the target group at hand.

Areas Covered

  • the concept of Assessment and Development Centres

  • the method of job analysis

  • using competencies for selection and evaluation of employees

  • using psychometric tests

  • giving feedback to delegates on their performance at the centre

  • producing timetables

  • training assessors


Each delegate will leave the course with the added confidence that they can successfully recruit the most suitable candidate to join their organisation. The course should ensure the smooth running of your Assessment and Development Centre, which even the candidates should enjoy.



Who Should Attend

2 days

This programme is designed for anyone who is involved in the assessment of people. If you would like to understand how to develop and run your own assessment or development centres this is the course for you. The course is also suitable for people that would like to develop their skills as an assessor at assessment or development centres.

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