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Agenda for Change is the current National Health Service grading and pay system for all NHS staff, with the exception of doctors,dentists and some senior managers. Since its introduction in 2004 the programme has provided an equal pay system to the organisation and standardised the process for designing and extending the NHS jobs. The effective implementation and maintenance of the programme is crucial for the HR processes and procedures to run smoothly, and as a result AFC is still a high priority issue for many NHS Trusts today.

Job evaluation (JE) is key to running the Agenda for Change pay system and promotes equal pay for more than one million NHS staff. The NHS job evaluation scheme measures the skills, responsibilities and effort that are required for a job, and allocates it to an Agenda for Change pay band.  It does this by matching them to national job profiles or evaluating jobs locally, to set the basic pay for staff.



MPA Consulting  is one of the UK’s leading providers of Agenda for Change Services. Involved  since the very beginning MPA has worked with over 100 NHS Trusts to deliver high quality Agenda for Change Training, Panel Support and Consistency Checking Services. We have a pool of experienced staff and management side consultants based across the UK here to ensure your Trust meets its Agenda for Change obligations.


If you are looking to outsource your Agenda for Change duties then you have come to the right place.  We can provide the following services:


All of our AFC Practitioners are fully trained under the NHS Job Evaluation Scheme. They are either:

  • Currently employed by the NHS on a  Part Time/Interim Basis


  • Have recently Retired from the NHS 



In line with the national Agenda for Change agreement, every Job Matching Panel member and Job Analyst is required to attend a training course and must be up to date on current practices, before they take part in local panels.  MPA Consulting offers a range of practical one and two-day training courses for organisations that are run, in partnership, by our fully trained and experienced facilitators.

If your organisation requires more Job Matchers, Job Analysts and job evaluators or refresher training for existing practitioners,  the AFC Courses will meet your needs.  The courses include the principles of equal pay, how to avoid bias, the building blocks of the NHS Job Evaluation scheme, the importance of good information and Consistency Checking in Job Evaluation, and Partnership Working.

We can run the above courses either in-house at the venue of your choice, or externally on our premises at ​Booths Hall, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8GS.

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