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We have the specialist knowledge and skills professionals to help your organisation with all aspects of performance management. These include the following:

Competency Framework

The introduction of competencies is used to enhance the performance of individuals, departments and the whole organisation. They are used to address problems and issues in the organisation that might benefit from the structured approach. They can help organisations identify exactly how individuals should focus their efforts and provides a method by which their progress and performance can be measured. MPA Consulting has the knowledge and experience to design, develop and implement a bespoke competency framework that will match the needs of the organisation. Our approach takes into account job roles, management and employee views and organisational climate and culture.

Appraisal Process

Performance appraisal involves an important aspect of individual’s sense of who they are and what they can be, because it concerns with an individual’s competence and effectiveness. Performance appraisal needs to take into account the goals of the individual and the organisation. MPA Consulting can design, develop and implement an appraisal process that will produce positive outcomes at an organisational and individual level. Based on the existing competency framework, or tailored with a new competency structure, we can help you to produce an appraisal system that will meet the needs of the organisation.

360 Feedback

360 Feedback is growing as a performance and team management tool. Feedback on performance from managers, subordinates, and peers can highlight the performance of an individual, but it can also build team confidence and empowerment. We can help you implement a 360 Feedback system to manage performance at an individual and organisational level.


Training Needs Analysis

Organisations need a system in place that will identify individual's development needs. By conducting a Training Needs Analysis, organisations are able to identify these needs. Establishing training needs will rely on the mechanisms established for the review of people's performance. This will include regular appraisals and reviews, formal and informal, with all staff. At  an individual level, employees will feel valued and empowered.  At an organisational level, identifying training needs will enhance performance and cut costs. MPA Consulting has the expertise to design, develop and implement a Training Needs Analysis for your organisation that will help increase performance at an individual and organisational level.

Development Centres

Development centres offer the full Performance Management package. They are for employers who wish to identify skill gaps in their workforce, and identify the development needs of their staff.

Usually completed over  a full day, Development Centres are designed specifically in line with your organisation's needs. Development Centres can encompass some or all of the performance management techniques discussed so far: Understanding Competency Frameworks and Appraisal Processes, 360° Feedback, and Training Needs Analysis. Development centres can also pull in Recruitment and Selection techniques to raise awareness of areas for development e.g. Psychometric Testing, Assessment Exercises.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive report on detailing candidates' performance and recommendations for development.

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