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- I am looking for a job but there are no opportunities.

- I want to switch to another industry but not sure which one.

- I have got years of experience but I feel my professional growth has

 become stagnant.

- I am very talented in my field, I think I am not getting my talent’s worth.

Sounds familiar?

When it comes to job searching or career management it is more a case of asking the right questions than stating a problem. You clearly need to understand what motivates you, what your Unique Selling Points are, what job functions you perform your best at, what area your skills are most suitable for, and most importantly how realistic are your objectives?  

CC UK was founded with the aim to help people answer these questions. Our Career Coaching and Counselling Service provides you with information, advice and assessment in order to ascertain and accomplish your personal and professional goals.

CC UK has been helping our clients for almost three decades to kick start an effective job search strategy, achieve their career fulfilment and successfully undertake career transition.

We are very confident that our service will help you gain self acquaintance, a true sense of focus and a clarity on your careers goals with a defined plan of action.

We Will Help You

•  Explore your Unique Selling Points

•  Polish your strengths and improve your weaknesses

•  Determine what exactly you want to achieve

•  Evaluate your options

•  Create vision board

•  Tailor your Application/ CV/ Covering Letter

•   Prepare for an Assessment Centre or an interview

•   Plan your career

•   Provide possibilities to develop skills

•   Improve your network

•   Establish your campaign

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