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We pride ourselves in our ability to assist organisations to develop effective culture change programmes, people strategies, plans, policies, and systems which help contribute to long term success. Our continued success is due to our commitment to provide high quality solutions that are tailored to meet client’s specific needs and requirements.

We can support your organisation through the four steps of a successful culture change programme:

The Planning Phase:

  • Understanding the current culture

  • Establishing change goals and design the appropriate activities

  • Engagement of key decision makers

  • Planning, designing and refining change activities

The Action Phase:

  • Delivering the desired culture

  • Implementing the change process

The Integration Phase:

  • Consolidating, stabilising and reinforcing new behaviours

  • Diffusing successful aspects of the change process throughout the organisation

The Evaluation Phase:

  • Active during all three previous stages.

  • Constantly evaluating, adjusting and refining our culture change programmes to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and a successful culture change programme delivery.

Other change management services we are able to offer include:

  • Merger and Acquisition Support;

  • Specialist HRM support;

  • Organisational Development Strategies; and

  • Project Management Services

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