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We have the specialist knowledge and skills to help your organisation with all aspects of the recruitment and selection process.

Our expertise in Recruitment and Selection includes the following:

Job Analysis/Evaluation

An in-depth Job Analysis provides a strategic review of the job role to identify critical competency criteria. It offers a precise framework to assess candidate's skills. We help to establish candidate profiles that match all the criteria needed for the specific roles and responsibilities. We are also able to evaluate new and existing jobs to help you determine where they are needed in the organisation. Evaluation of roles will enable effective restructuring of the team/organisation as well as streamline pay schemes and performance management.

Job Descriptions

We are able to write job descriptions based on a concise and well structured analysis of the role and requirements of the role and candidates. This includes the clustering of roles into job groups to meet the structural requirements of the organisation.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a critical method of selection in recruitment because effective execution of Ability Tests and Personality Inventories remains one of the most predictive methods of work performance. MPA Consulting is a licensed partner of SHL and we have a pool of accredited and highly experienced CIPD professionals and Occupational Psychologists. Our range of personality inventories include OPQ-32, MBTI, and Firo B.

Competency Based Interviews

Few organisations make effective use of competency based interviews. We have the knowledge and expertise to design, develop and deliver competency based interviews to the needs and requirements of the organisation which can help you to select the most able candidates. We have the capacity to deliver competency based interviews in different formats such as telephone interviews and interviewing panels.

Assessment Exercises

Assessment exercises are tailored to match candidates to your organisation's core competency framework. It includes role level analysis to determine the best role for each candidate and it enables candidates to demonstrate their skills and abilities rather than simply talking about them. Assessment exercises can include: presentations, group activities, negotiation exercises and in-tray exercises.

Assessment Centres

Assessment centres offer a full Recruitment and Selection package. They enable organisations to outsource their recruitment and selection function to a team of independent experts who can accurately identify the most able candidates.

Usually completed over a full day, MPA’s Assessment Centres are designed specifically in line with your organisation's recruitment needs. Assessment Centres will include all of the recruitment and selection techniques such as: Job Analysis, Job Descriptions, Psychometric Testing, Competency based interviews, and Assessment Exercises.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive report detailing candidates performance and recommendations for selection.

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