MPA offer a fully comprehensive panel support service to assist with Job Matching, Job Evaluation, Job Analysis, Review and Consistency. Panels can either be outsourced to us at our premises or run at your organisation.



We are able to provide staff or management side panellists to attend panels at your NHS Trust with as little as 24 hours notice. All panellists are fully trained and experienced Agenda for Change practitioners. Many have worked in the NHS or currently do so part-time.

We can provide as many panellists as you require.


Outsourced panels are set up at Carrington Business Park by our AFC admin team they include our experienced staff and management panellists.  We are usually able to complete 4-6 jobs per day (9am-5pm), depending on the requirements of the job descriptions. We are able to run panels as soon as we are given notice. We can match individual jobs or offer block booking service to resolve backlog jobs. We are able to provide feedback results via the CAJE/IJES system, or email factor rationale sheets on the same working day.

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