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This 2-days course aims to develop the skills required to perform Job Analysis and “Job Evaluation” in line with the Agenda for Change programme.

During the course delegates will develop and practice skills required to analyse and evaluate Job Analysis Questionnaires (JAQ’s) as part of a job evaluation panel.


The aims of this Programme are to:

  • Know how to analyse and evaluate jobs

  • Be able to work with a partner

  • Know how bias can occur in job analysis & job evaluation

  • Know how to complete the appropriate documentation


On completion of the course delegates will be able to work as part of a panel to effectively interview post holders and managers and analyse their JAQ as part of the job analysis phase. They will also be able to assign the appropriate banding to jobs, through the Job Evaluation process. Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


In line with good practice, training would be undertaken by two trainers, one management and one staff side.


The course is available in-house or as a public programme.

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