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Working Over Coffee


Better communication skills for more effective performance

Areas Covered​

•  Typical communications associated with your role

•  What communication skills and strategies do you regularly use?

•  What situations cause you difficulties?

•  What is effective communication?

•  Key elements & components

•  Behaviours & skills – questioning, listening, body language

•  Relationship-building skills

•  Establishing rapport

•  Diagnosing an interpersonal situation

•  Building & maintaining relationships both with internal and external contacts

•  Why do people communicate the way they do?

•  Diagnosing others’ styles and needs

•  Effective/Ineffective Communication Styles

•  Assertive skills and behaviours and their impact

•  Non-assertive skills and behaviours and their impact

Learning Objectives​

•  To discover key components of successful communications

•  Building and maintaining internal and external relationships

•  Knowledge of the motives behind peoples’ communication behaviours

•  Assertive and non-assertive communication styles


Completion of this course will help your staff to avoid conflict situations. This course is helpful in all areas of day-to-day work.

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