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Before the Interview

Competency Based Interview Skills

for Interviewers

Recruitment can be a very costly activity, so it is important to get it right the first time. This highly practical course will enhance participants’ skills, knowledge and confidence in recruiting and selecting the right team member for the job using the competency based interviewing technique. The course can be embedded with two to four core competencies that are used in the majority of jobs within your organisation to help embed the consistency of selection decisions. Anyone involved in the recruitment or staff selection process will find this a very useful course packed with practical skills and tools to help you recruit successfully.


1/2 - 2 days


  • Apply the principles and benefits of competency based interviews

  • Conduct structured and effective interviews utilising the competencies relevant to a job role

  • Observe and practice the competency based interviewing questioning technique

  • Summarise candidate responses to your questions and take effective notes

  • Learn how to assess and rate candidate responses against a set criteria

  • Provide constructive feedback to candidates and undertake effective assessing and selection process


On the completion of the course participants will be able to

  • Use competency based interviewing techniques

  • Evaluate and group data according to a competency

  • Make objective selection decisions based on the evidence acquired

Areas Covered

Positioning of Competency Based Interviewing

  • What are competencies, competency frameworks

  • How they benefit the organisation and their people


Structuring Competency Based Interviews

  • Format and techniques of a competency based interview

  • Interview structure

  • Preparing and planning for the interview

  • Time and structure needed to explore each competency


Acquiring Evidence – Questioning and Listening Skills

  • Handling candidate responses to questions

  • Observing candidate behaviour and recording response

  • Summarising candidate responses


Conducting a Competency Based Interview

  • Practicing skills of interviewer, note taker and observer

  • Creating the right environment and establishing rapport

  • Giving feedback to candidates

  • Closing the interview

  • Interview practice involving role play


Making the Selection Decision

  • Evaluating and rating evidence

  • Using a rating scale

  • Recommending the next stage in the selection process


Review and Next Steps

  • Applying the learning

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone for whom selection of the right candidate is important in their future role

  • Anyone with experience in interviewing who wants to take this skill a step further

  • Those responsible for developing interview strategy

  • Managers or decision makers with less exposure to interviewing

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