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New Hires


This workshop will help participants identify areas of their life where they feel vulnerable and could do with a confidence boost. It is aimed at people who lack confidence or self-belief in a work or social environment. It is suitable for people who struggle to communicate and come across with confidence and personal impact. The programme includes a range of exercises and skills to challenge limited thinking in order to enable the participants to set specific personal, professional and nurturing goals.

Course Content

 •  Understand why you lack self-confidence

 •  Discover how others perceive you

 •  Explore the strengths and weaknesses of your communication style

 •  Adapt the way you communicate to deal with a person or situation (practical exercise)

 •  Learn how to inspire and motivate yourself

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  •  Have learnt the techniques and strategies to communicate with authority and confidence

  •  Be able to believe in their own ability

  •  Stand up for themselves and communicate with confidence

  •  Have learnt how not to be afraid of failure

  •  Have learnt how to delegate work in an assertive manner

  •  Have learnt about confident body language and non-verbal communication

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