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Developing and Implementing a Competency Framework



More and more organisations have decided upon a competency based approach, which means that everyone needs training in using them properly. This workshop has been designed specifically to help ensure optimum success with existing or planned competency frameworks.



  • Develop processes to gain acceptance and understanding of frameworks and how to us them

  • Make a success of competencies by considering their broader uses in recruitment and selection and managing performance

  • Formulate your own plans for introducing competencies or extending their applications

  • Gain confidence in developing and using competencies in your strategic and day-to-day work



  • Setting personal objectives for evaluating own framework

  • Gaining acceptance for the framework; selling in an understanding of levels in competency frameworks

  • Other applications for competency frameworks

  • Sharing frameworks and solving issues identified previously

  • Sharing and examining the situations and potential solutions



The course is conducted in 1 day and involves group participation in the form of practice sessions, discussions, role-plays and evaluations. Group activities and assignments will be set and evaluated.


Who Should Attend

  • All HR and training managers and executives

  • In-house trainers who have to implement competency frameworks

  • Personnel managers who are using a competency-based approach for HR purposes



1 Day

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