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Many organisations have already implemented KSF, with KSF outlines developed and performance appraisals delivered. However, some organisations may be unsure as to whether they are meeting their targets, and whether KSF outlines are being developed consistently across the organisation.

How we can help

MPA are able to perform a diagnostic audit review of your current KSF processes and procedures to assess:

  • Whether all the necessary staff have been trained

  • Whether KSF training needs are being met

  • Whether KSF outlines are being written and developed consistently across the organisation and compared to other organisations

  • The efficiency and effectiveness of KSF administration processes.

Our diagnostic audits consist of a review process carried out by an experienced KSF practitioner and consultant, who will spend time in your organisation to make the required assessments. They will then produce a diagnostic report which will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your processes, and offer recommendations on how to address them.

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