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Networking Event


This workshop is designed to help the participants understand how influencing and networking work, provide them with practical tips and techniques to become more influential and help participants to work on building an effective personal influencing style. During the workshop the participants will learn how to better plan for their influencing interactions and as well as the dynamics of becoming more skilled in those interactions. In addition, through the use of various practical exercises the participants will have the opportunity to discover how they communicate in reality and what influencing style they possess.

Areas Covered

•  Planning for an influencing strategy

•  Qualities of an effective influencer

•  Top influencing tactics

•  What’s your influencing style?

•  Face-to-face persuasive communications skills such as probing, listening, rapport

•  Networking skills – building and sustaining networks

•  Networking at events

•  Scenarios and exercises to benchmark and enhance your influencing skills

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course delegates will:

 •  Be aware of their own influencing strengths and areas of development

 •  Be able to assist situations quickly and choose appropriate influencing style

 •  Develop an implementation strategy for critical influence situation

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