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Cheerful Seniors


This workshop is designed to help all employees (and their partners) to plan and prepare for their approaching retirement. The key objective of the workshop is to enable the delegates to construct a realistic and effective plan for their retirement having looked at retirement in all its aspects. The delegates will construct their own action plan after the workshop, once they have thought through what they have done and perhaps discuss it with their partner.

Course Content

 •  Understanding and adjusting to transitions

 •  Health and retirement – looking forward and looking after yourself

 •  Financial planning and legal matters

 •  Home, family and relationships – the effect on the family

 •  Giving Something Back – Volunteering

 •  A personal action plan

Learning Outcomes

 On the completion of the training the participants will:

 •  Understand how to prepare financially for retirement (including benefits, taxation and pensions)

 •  Be more informed regarding legal matters such as Wills etc.

 •  Consider aspects of retirement such as health and time in retirement

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