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Business Team


This programme will provide delegates with the knowledge, skills an awareness with regard to solving problems and making decisions. It will include participate development activities which will enable the delegate to demonstrate the improvements.

This highly practical programme provides delegates with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skill within a progressive learning environment. It will enable them to demonstrate their competence in a number of critical areas.

Areas Covered

1.  Negotiation skills

2.  Customer service

   •  Customers' Standards for Excellence

   •  Eliminating Customer Service Problems

3.  Communication

    •  Barriers to Communication

    •  Active Listening and Avoiding biases

    •  The power of positive communication and Team work

4. Decision making

   •  Eliminating barriers to innovation

   •  Group creative thinking, Brainstorming options

   •  Systematic approaches to problem solving

   •  Selecting the "Right" Solution

   •  Barriers to effective decisions, Techniques to generate unusual ideas

Target Audience

This workshop is valuable to a wide audience, especially those who are working in an environment that requires creativity and decision making task. This course is also very useful for individuals who work in customer service.

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