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The time of insecurity and uncertainty poses a challenge to companies not only to select competent staff but also to retain this talented personnel. Therefore organisations have to make sure they put enough emphasis on effective selection procedures and methods that aim to improve their employees’ well-being and satisfaction so that they stay committed to the company.

This workshop provides useful and up to date information on methods and tools that enable successful recruitment and retention of talent.

Areas Covered:

  • Global business climate

  • Recruiting the right people

  • Job description & person specification

  • Attracting candidates

  • Shortlisting & selection methods

  • The interview process

  • Preparation for interviews

  • Evaluating & decision making

  • Using evidence & observations to appoint

  • Feedback to candidates

  • Recruitment process; succession planning

  • Competency modelling

  • Assessment centres

  • Learning, training and development

  • Strategies for retention

Learning Objectives:

  • Short listing methods

  • Become familiar with interview process

  • Learn how to evaluate candidates

  • Become familiar with key approaches for attracting and retaining talent

  • Learn how to implement recruitment planning and strategies


  • Up-to-date information about the war on talent and battle of retention.

  • Develop an understanding of an effective recruitment

  • Develop awareness of the talent issues faced by your organisation

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