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This course is ideal for those who have responsibility for the supervision and performance of others and would be interested in looking at how to tackle stress in ourselves and others.

Through discussion and participation, the course aims to increase delegates' understanding of what stress is and what causes stress in self and others. Delegates will learn to understand the relationship between change and stress and to consider strategies to prevent and manage stress in themselves and others. 

Learning Objectives

•  Reduce personal stress

•  Connect better with family and friends

•  Experience more value, balance and happiness every day

Areas Covered

1. What is stress and how can it be managed

    •  The early warning signs of stress

    •  Identify your stressors – exercise

    •  Make a life plan

    •  Manage time carefully

    •  Controlling information overload

2. Tools for staying calm and in focus

    •  Communicate effectively

    •  Exercise to reduce anxiety

    •  Reduce stress promoting food

    •  Meditate and relax

Stressed Woman
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